CUPE 2419 Annual General Meeting

The AGM for 2017 will be on Monday, April 10th at noon in the Multipurpose room (by the Owl). Lunch will be provided at 11:45 and the meeting will start at noon to make sure we can keep it to an hour or less.

Only members can vote during the meeting and non-members can be asked to leave, but you are still a current member at least four months after the termination of your contract with the University.

The documents needed for the AGM can be found here (password protected, so contact us if you forget it).

Remember we will be passing some new bylaws, so take a look at them here.



Hello members of Cupe 2419!
Do you like your union and want to know how things are going in the local? Do you like wine? Do you like cheese/fruit/assorted meats?
If you answered yes to any of these, especially the first, you should come to our Valentine’s day wine and cheese event.
When? Friday, February 17, 3-6pm
Where? RIC Atrium
Cost? $2 gets you a wine or non-alcoholic drink, with access to assorted snacks. Every drink thereafter is also $2.
Why? To meet and greet with your fellow union members, to meet and learn about the various committees, and to just unwind after a hectic week and celebrate the beginning of reading week. Also, the why is contained in the wine. Whyne = wine = come to the event. You can’t argue with that logic.
How? Walking, running, biking, driving, skiing, skipping, jogging, ballooning etc.
There is a lot happening with the local this year, so we hope to see you there and tell you about it over fancy cheese and drinks.
In solidarity,
Your CUPE 2419 Executive


Hello members,

Are you looking to get involved but don’t have too much time to spare? By joining a committee, it can work around your schedule and you still are able to help out.

Committees are fun, you get to meet new people, and you can build new skills that benefit you in the workplace. You can also get an honorarium for the time that you put in.

Look at our committees (same password) and contact us if you are interested.

Membership Survey

As some of you know, our Collective Agreement with the University ended last month and they are not able to meet with us for bargaining until later next month. Before that we want to get the general feeling of the membership on a few ideas and working conditions. We have created a survey to do that. Please fill out the survey as soon as possible as your input is important.

The page to find the link is here.

You can leave and come back to the survey if you have cookies on and it’s a personal computer. It should only take 5 to 10 minutes to fill out and you will be entered into a draw. Submissions are confidential and is separate from the draw.

General Membership Meeting January 25th

As referenced by the email that was sent out last week, there will be a General Membership Meeting this upcoming Wednesday at 11:45 in the Language Institute, room 215. The meeting starts at noon, but a pizza buffet will be ready for 11:45.

The room can be found by going to the Language Institute Building, between AdHum and the new Residences. Then proceed to the second floor.

The agenda and other necessary documents can be found as listed:

  • The tentative agenda is here.
  • The proposed 2017 Budget is here.
  • Bylaw amendments can be found here.

We hope to see you there.

CUPE 2419 forms a Collective Bargaining Committee

In preparation for the CUPE2419 Collective Bargaining at the end of 2016, local 2419 forms a committee. The current Collective Agreement is valid util the end of Fall 2016 semester. A letter is sent by CUPE to University of Regina, requesting to negotiation for a new agreement.

Local2419 executive team together with the bargaining committee are working on a survey to better understand the membership demands and priorities. The survey will be conducted during October and November 2016. All members are highly encouraged to participate and reflect their ideas on what matters the most.

For a copy of our current Collective Agreement click here.