Hello members of Cupe 2419!
Do you like your union and want to know how things are going in the local? Do you like wine? Do you like cheese/fruit/assorted meats?
If you answered yes to any of these, especially the first, you should come to our Valentine’s day wine and cheese event.
When? Friday, February 17, 3-6pm
Where? RIC Atrium
Cost? $2 gets you a wine or non-alcoholic drink, with access to assorted snacks. Every drink thereafter is also $2.
Why? To meet and greet with your fellow union members, to meet and learn about the various committees, and to just unwind after a hectic week and celebrate the beginning of reading week. Also, the why is contained in the wine. Whyne = wine = come to the event. You can’t argue with that logic.
How? Walking, running, biking, driving, skiing, skipping, jogging, ballooning etc.
There is a lot happening with the local this year, so we hope to see you there and tell you about it over fancy cheese and drinks.
In solidarity,
Your CUPE 2419 Executive