Collective Agreement

Your collective agreement lays out your rights and responsibilities as an academic worker. If you have any questions about your rights, please contact a member of the executive.

CUPE 2419 2013-2016 Collective Agreement (PDF)

The highlighted points in the collective agreement,

12.6 No employee shall be required to mark tests, term papers, or final examinations between the last day of lectures and the date of the employee’s own last examination. Employees will notify their supervisor of any potential conflicts work assignments may have with their midterms. Consideration for time needed to study for and write student exams will be given when assigning work.

12.7 Employees will not be required to mark tests or term papers unless they have received a minimum of five (5) days notice of the deadline.

13.2 The supervisor will provide an employee with access to the books required in the course to which the employee is assigned to assist. Such provision may be by loan from the department or the Library.